Click here to submit an Activity Application for the June 26th event.

If you have questions please email

Host an Activity!

We are looking for individuals, organizations, and businesses to host activities at Open Streets Events! Here are a few things to know before applying:

  1. Any individual, organization, or business may apply to host an activity.
  2. Open Streets activities focus on active living, community health, urban design, and public spaces. Your activity should fall into one of those categories.
  3. The best activities are engaging. All activities must be free and safe.
  4. We cannot provide electricity, tables, or chairs. In fact, the only thing we can provide is a free space for you to host your activity on a street closed to automobiles. Unless you count enthusiasm… we can provide LOTS of that.
  5. Need ideas? Have questions? Email us:
  6. Sound open ended? That’s because it is! The only limit is your imagination :-)
  7. Need help with funding? See below.

Ideas for activities:  4-square tournament, jump rope, hopscotch, slacklines, obstacle course, relay races, dance classes, yoga, pilates, soccer, climbing, bowling… anything! Need help with ideas? Email us.

The most successful activities engage Open Streets participants and encourage them to participate. If hosting an activity, having a schedule works best. That way, participants know what time they can try out your activity.