Open Streets strives to improve community relationships, encourage livable public spaces, and generate more opportunities for cultural understanding through the creative use of streets and public spaces.

We Value

  • Diverse use of public spaces
  • Public spaces as destinations
  • Supporting educational activities and events that support the Open Streets Bloomington mission
  • Open Streets Bloomington as a free event
  • Designing public spaces that take into account a wide range of users
  • The health of our community
  • Engaging with area artists and community organizations
  • Social connectivity through engaging events and public spaces
  • Highlighting local and small businesses

The Rise of Open Streets from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.

What are Open Streets?

Our streets, in terms of land area, make up our largest public space.  Like our body’s cardiovascular system links the various parts of our body, so our streets connect the various parts of our community. It seems that there could be no better way to continue this premise than through an Open Streets event in Bloomington. Because, after all, we aren’t closing down the streets, we are opening them up!

Open Streets, sometimes called Ciclovias or Sunday Streets, can be thought of as a parade turned inside out. At a parade the participants typically sit passively along the edges watching while the parade moves by. Instead, an Open Streets event is made up of those who would normally sit and watch, they themselves become the parade, the Open Streets event.

Not to be confused with street fairs or block parties, Open Streets specifically support physical activity, economic & social development, community connections, and broadening transportation choices. Currently, there over 80 Open Streets events across the US and Canada and growing!

What could this mean for Bloomington?

  • Creates an accessible, family-friendly avenue for residents to view their own streets from a different, more intimate perspective as a cyclist or a pedestrian

  • Encourages residents to be more physically active and provides them the opportunity to take part in and try new types of exercise

  • Inspires participants to imagine the possibilities for the community’s future