Changes to Bloomington’s Built Environment Over Eight Years

Do you remember what Bloomington’s streets and buildings looked like in 2007? If you lived here at the time, you probably think you remember, but you might not realize just how dramatic and widespread some of the changes have been. Fortunately, Google Street View lets us go back in time and see what many of our city’s streets looked like in the recent past.

Here’s just one example—before the B-line trail was built:

2nd and Morton, 2007 - Imgur

And here’s the same view today:

2nd and Morton, 2014 - Imgur

What a difference! This Kroger grocery store on 2nd Street was built decades ago and oriented to cars, but today it’s reached just as easily (if not more so) thanks to a direct connection to the B-Line trail.

View the complete 50-image album on imgur for some more amazing before/after views of Bloomington.