Converting Car Parking to Bike Lanes: Good for Business?

When street parking is converted to bike lanes, do businesses benefit?

You bet!

This recent post on City Lab makes the complete business case for converting street parking into bike lanes.

When businesses hear that their city is planning to remove car parking, they often worry it will hurt business. Many studies have shown that not only does this not hurt business, it sometimes even helps!


“It’s perhaps natural for a shop owner to fear that losing a parking space means losing revenue. Drivers tend to be wealthier than alternative transport users, and cars have big trunks to hold lots of stuff. Cities can add a bike lane and still keep street parking by bumping out spots from the curb (a common practice in New York), but generally speaking more road space for cyclists means less for cars.”

While cyclists tend to spend less per shopping trip than drivers, they also tend to make more trips, pumping more total money into the local economy over time.

Making our streets useful for a wide range of users means more people experiencing them – awesome! 

Check out the original story for more details.